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What makes the NFC relevant?

When it is thought about what the NFC is and about the uses allowed by it, many possibilities to be explored are revealed. Nevertheless, as much as any other technology, the NFC has particularities and characteristics which make it relevant to certain uses and applications and less relevant, or even irrelevant to others.

What are the characteristics of the technology that make it singular?
In what situation is the NFC useful and significant?

NFC is essentially about presence: about being physically in a space, interacting with some object or person, with the purpose of creating a connection.

Other elements, such as moment, identity, and permission, complete what we may dub the ‘pillars’ of the NFC.

Physical presence is the most important pillar of the NFC. To interact and to connect with what is here and next to you is the greater benefit and the most prominent characteristic of the technology.

MOMENT (now)
The NFC is well used when it meets an important need ‘in that’ specific moment. The fastness and the convenience, essential elements of the NFC experience, are especially useful to serve the ‘now’.

An important aspect of the NFC is the possibility of quickly identifying oneself in a system. Once it has been said that I am here, the NFC becomes a facilitator in applications such as access, payment e contextual conscience.

Unlike a number of technologies of proximity (such as Bluetooth or RFID), the interactions via NFC always require the physical gesture, the tap, in order for the desired action to take place. That means the acceptance, the permission, the ok for a connection to be established, which is even more evident in the uses for payment.

Those elements combined support the singularity and the strength of the NFC. In short, we are able to summarize those strengths in one sentence: ‘OK, I am here now’.

Here is an invitation to visit (or revisit) a number of use cases and to identify how those ‘pillars’ are repeated in the scenarios.Moment, identity, and permission vary in importance along different applications. However, presence, the most important pillar of the NFC, is easily identifiable in all of them.

From the pillars to the experience

What we dub here as the ‘pillars’ of the NFC are the foundations on which we build good NFC experiences for the users. That because the NFC experience is marked by several traits: fast, simple, practical, efficient, convenient, comfortable, positive, and new. Nevertheless, and above all, it is appropriate, or, in other words: meaningful and useful.

From the experience to the relevance

That analysis is a point-of-view based on the experience acquired by us in the development of NFC solutions, and may seem a little farfetched for a first understanding of the technology. However, it will help you mainly in the reflection upon creating an NFC solution and upon offering a good experience to the user, allowing you to identify the opportunities of use and to create unique experiences in which the technology finds its worth.

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