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What can I do with NFC?


Throughout the world, a diversified and ever growing context of instances of use of NFC is currently being explored, which enter the market in the form of solutions in a daily fashion. The use of the NFC technology opens many possibilities of replacing manual tasks with quick digital processes. By using it, the user does not necessarily need to browse through menus, the experience thereby becoming more rapid and intuitive. That means to the user easy connections, fast transactions, and the simple sharing of data.

The constant technological advancement is not due only to the fact of our needing a new form of executing day to day tasks, but, rather, to a result of making human life better and, mostly, easier. Constant improvements in the way we go about our tasks have happened due to the diversity of technologies that are being developed. Not much differently, the NFC technology is capable of changing and optimizing the way you interact with day-to-day objects. In conjunction with other contact-free technologies, it allows for solutions in the control of access, connections, payments, smart objects, shared experiences, and the exchange or gathering of information and data. You may understand that better by reviewing below a number of practical cases of NFC use, which simplify ordinary tasks of a normal day.


One day with NFC


Meet Eric, journalist, 32 years-old, Ana’s husband and Daniel’s father.

Eric has a busy life and uses his smart phone intensely both for work and leisure.

See how the NFC is able to help Eric in his daily tasks, whilst making them more rapid, practical, and fun.

7:00 H


At the subway station, while waiting for the next train to work, Eric notices a poster the concert of Ana's favorite band, which will coincidentally take place tonight.


Eric draws near and touches the poster with his smart phone.


The time, the ticket price, and the location of the event on the map are saved in the calendar of his smart phone.

NFC to gather information

With a smart phone, it is possible to "grab" information out of any item that has an NFC tag. You just have to touch the tag with the smart phone in order to grab them. Get supplementary information, find promotional coupons, or win awards.


  • Touch a panel at the bus station with your smart phone  in order to obtain online information on the arrival times.
  • Touch a product at the supermarket with your smart phone in order to obtain nutritional information on food.
  • Touch a spot with your smart phone within a shopping mall so it checks and shows where you are, in the schematic of the building.
  • Touch objects with your smart phone at a museum in order to obtain more information.

9:00 H


Upon his arrival at work, Eric meets his partner Samuel and, while they talk, Eric receives a call from an important client.


Eric touches Samuel’s mobile phone with his smart phone.


Samuel is added to the conversation and the three of them quickly initiate a conference call.

NFC to connect

Connect your phone with another product, amplifying or swapping functionalities between them, forming a link.


  • Touch the cell phone of your friend with yours in order to transmit a video from your device to his.
  • Touch a restaurant menu with your cell phone to log on to the protected Wi-Fi network of the restaurant.
  • Touch a loudspeaker with your cell phone in order to have a better quality of sound.

12:00 H


Eric leaves for lunch but, on the way, stops at a store to buy a present for Daniel, whose birthday is tomorrow.


At the entrance, he touches a totem with his cell phone.


Eric receives recommendations for presents, in accordance with the profile of his son, of products available in that store.

NFC as awareness of context

This is about the idea that devices endowed with NFC are able to react in accordance with a context. Once the information on the prevailing circumstances are updated and through the use of a “trigger” - an external stimulation provoked by the user - the device is able to respond in accordance with the needs of the user at that moment and place.


  • Touch your desk with your cell phone in order to have it silenced and connected to the Wi-Fi network of the company.
  • Touch a poster with your cell phone in order to have it silenced prior to entering the movie theater.
  • Touch the support of your car with your cell phone in order to turn on the Bluetooth, GPS, and the map application.

12:30 H


Hence the time left for lunch is short, Eric decides to go to a fast restaurant.


At the table, he touches the menu with his cell phone, on the option of dish desired.


The payment is made and the order is immediately forwarded to the kitchen.

NFC to pay

One of the most widely known forms of use of NFC may start from a simple financial transaction to an alternative to easy shopping and the end of standing in line for payment. That way, the satisfaction of the client is ensured. Because of that, companies such as Google, Visa, and Verizon, among others, are already investing in that idea.


  • Touch a poster with your cell phone in order to buy a product and, then, have it delivered at your home.
  • Touch a payment machine with your cell phone in order to pay at the exit of a parking lot.
  • Touch a poster with your cell phone in order to donate money to a charity institution.

17:00 H


After work, as usual, Eric goes to the gym.


At the admittance block, Eric touches it with his NFC identification bracelet and walks right in.

NFC to access

As a form of personal identification, the NFC tag or the NFC device represents you. It provides credentials for access control systems, thus granting admittance in physical or digital environments.


  • Touch the door of your home with your NFC bracelet in order to have it open.
  • Touch the computer with your cell phone in order to access a web service.
  • Touch your cell phone with your NFC bracelet in order to have it unlocked.

17:05 H


At the gym, Eric looks for his trainer, Alex, so as to receive the exercises of the day.


Eric touches Alex’s cell phone with his own cell phone to obtain information on Eric’s performance in the exercises from the previous week.


And he receives information regarding the exercises of today.

NFC to share

The sharing of data directly between two cell phone, though simpler and faster. The widely known "share" function, with the use of touch for permission of NFC makes the process more streamlined and with less steps..


  • Touch the cell phone of your doctor with your NFC bracelet in order to share your medical history.
  • Touch the computer or another cell phone with your own cell phone in order to share an internet connection.
  • Touch the computer with your own cell phone in order to share a playlist.

18:30 H


Finally at home, Eric meets Ana, his wife, and his son Daniel again.


Together, they play with an “interactive” book from which Daniel learns mathematics in an entertaining way.

NFC in smart objects

Using the cell phone, by means of tags, it is possible to add new ways of interacting with objects. Ordinary objects of our day to day life become ever more singular.


  • Touch a Teddy bear with your cell phone in order to learn other languages.
  • Touch a photograph in an album with your cell phone in order to have it downloaded.
  • Touch a pen drive with your cell phone in order to transmit content.

19:30 H


Distracted wit the book, they fail to cook dinner and there is nothing interesting in the refrigerator.


Eric sees a magnet of his favorite pizzeria on the refrigerator and touches it with his cell phone.


A call to the pizzeria is immediately initiated.

NFC in contextual action

By means of an NFC tag, the user is proposed to take an action which is convenient to an immediate desire of the user. Just like a short cut, it eliminates steps and saves time.


  • Touch a spot at the entrance of a shop with your cell phone to like it on Facebook. 
  • Touch a spot at the entrance of a shop with your cell phone to follow it on Twitter.
  • Touch a spot at the entrance of a shop with your cell phone in order to have it saves to “my contact list”.

21:00 H


After Daniel has fallen asleep, Eric and Ana leave him under the care of the baby sitter and, together, go the concert of the band which will take place in a few minutes.


They cannot miss to have records of the concert. They touch one another’s cell phone and initiate a connection.


With their cell phones connected, Eric and Ana start taking pictures together.

NFC in shared experiences

You and someone else will experience the same given activity, at the same moment. Instead of just sharing experiences lived, it will allow you to live shared experiences. Together is the key-word.


  • Touch the cell phone of your friend’s with your own and record audio together.
  • Touch the cell phone of your friend’s with your own and play a certain game together.
  • Touch the cell phone of your friend’s with your own and listen to a song together.

Many of the instances of use here are already taking their first steps, whilst others are just ideas to be developed. The possibilities are wide ranged and inspiring. And you? How about having your idea?

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