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How to have an idea for an NFC solution?

You may be wondering how to have a good idea that make good use os the NFC technology. Thinking about that, we have prepared a step by step which will help you to get new ideas for creations with NFC:

1. It is important that you know the technology;
2. And that you know the relevant aspects of the NFC technology: PRESENCE, MOMENT, IDENTITY, and PERMISSION;
3. It is highly important that you understand the context of your user and, for that, we will show examples of situations and problems where the NFC could provide a simple and fast solution, as well as we will also point out the NFC pillars present in each case.

First situation

Ellen feels sick as she strolls down the street. On the way to the hospital, the paramedics who rescue her (PRESENCE) need to have access to her personal data (IDENTITY) in order to quickly evaluate her medical history (MOMENT). However, they realize that the patient is carrying no document at all. How could we propose a solution to that problem?

To quickly gain access to the medical history.

What if Ellen were wearing a bracelet with the NFC technology, which allowed access to her medical information? That would surely aid the paramedics, as they would have been able to gain quick access to the medical history of that patient by means of an NFC tag reader. That way, they could streamline and make the rescue more effective.

So a possible solution to this problem would be: use NFC tags on bracelets which allow access to medical information.

See how we have found a solution using NFC?

Second situation

Joana goes to the supermarket but, as she is verify much concerned about her health, she has the habit of watching closely the packs of the products (PRESENCE) in order to verify the calories and the other nutritional values which are important for her decision to purchase (MOMENT). However, she has realized that this habit makes her spend a great deal of time as she does her shopping at the supermarket. She wishes there would be something to speed that process up. What could we propose?

Spend time looking for the nutritional information on the packs of the food products at the supermarket.

What if all of the vendors or packs at the supermarket were equipped with the NFC tags? Joana would be able to use her smart phone to look that information up, compare the data from several products and pick the one which best suits her nutritional needs.
Note that, with an application of this type, which resorts to the NFC technology, we would not only speed up the process of consultation of products in supermarkets, but we would also open other possibilities which would improve the purchasing experience. Once the system is able to identify Joana (IDENTITY) and provide her with information such as recommendations of similar products, recipes, offers, and even a healthier diet.

So, a possible solution to Joana’s problem would be: using NFC tags at the vendors of products or even on the packs of the products in order to identify nutritional values of the food.

Third situation

Alan is at convention in a town which he has never been to before. At lunch time, he decides to eat at a nearby shopping mall. Alan stops in the front of a restaurant which he has found to be interesting (PRESENCE); but, as he does not know the place, he fears to make a very bad choice. He wishes there were something that helped him to gather more information on the restaurant.
What could we propose?

To know the quality of the service at the restaurant that a person is in.

What if all of the restaurants at the shopping mall had an NFC tag outside? Alan would be able to consult information on that place, such as the dishes that are served, the opinions of other customers regarding the food and the service received in those establishments.
Definitely, Alan could tap his smart phone on the NFC tag and find out everything about those restaurants and, with that, he would feel a lot safer to choose one of them in which to have lunch.

So, a possible solution for Alan’s problem would be: NFC tag on a smart poster at each restaurant with information on the establishment.

It is still worth to mention that, in countries such as Japan, it is already possible to verify the NFC technology being used day to day: the subway system allows for the tickets to be purchased as the cell phone is drawn near the turnstile. In that fashion, ordinary, day to day objects become smart objects which are capable of storing and transmitting information.
So? Have you realized how much the NFC can be present in several moments of your day to day life? You only have to look around and think what types of problems could be solved by using the NFC, to realize how the context can offer opportunities of ideas and solutions.

And now? What are you waiting for to have new ideas using the NFC?
Well, that would be our fourth step:

4. To look at the present context, detect a problem, and introduce a solution deploying the NFC technology.

So, let’s get to work!

If you wish to know a number of other cases of use in order to help you and get you inspired to have ideas with NFC solutions, access "What can I do with NFC?".

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