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As a result of surveys conducted during the project 'NFC First Steps', we have made available the source codes of applications Tap + Shoot Together, Read and Write NFC Tag and assets of animation, which can be found in the Source Code tab.

Tap + Shoot Together

Tap+Shoot Together it is an application for Windows Phone that explores the NFC technology in a simple and innovative way to take shared photos.

After two users touch phones, the screen is split in half with the streaming of both. Users can take pictures through the single view or split screen with a friend. All photos taken will be synchronized between them.

Tap + Shoot Together the band manage to balance bluetooth sending continuous streams (camera friend) and photos taken. There are some internal algorithms which are a simplified version of Weighted Fair Queuing and Data Packet Slicing.

Tap + Shoot Together is built on top of a flexible communication architecture. The payload is an abstraction for transferring data in a simple way.

How to better understand the code Tap + Shoot:

Source Code link -

Read and Write NFC Tag

Simple application for reading and writing tags using the Proximity API. You will learn from this source:
  • Add the solution in its Proximity
  • Make reading tags
  • Write on a tag
  • E-mail, URL e Link
Source Code link -

Animation Assets

Xamls with assets and animations used in NFC First Steps project that can be used in creating new projects NFC.
  • Animation touch between two NFC phones
  • Animation NFC touch between a mobile phone and an NFC sticker
Source Code link -

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