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Where do I find NFC applications code examples?

Official documentation of MSDN gathers several examples of code for development with Windows Phone, also including many articles on how to use NFC. In order to develop applications using NFC technology, it’s needed to use Proximity communication API, where several examples and excerpts of code may be seen at:
The communication among NFC applications may use Bluetooth as a way of pairing. Examples and excerpts of code may be seen at:
One of the most used functionalities of NFC applications is enabling the application to be “awoken” by an NFC connection, that is, enabling the user to receive an option of running the application when in contact with certain NFC tag or with a device with this application already open; examples may be found at:
Complete NFC applications source code can be found at:
The first one describes a message exchanging application using NFC; The second one shows an application of pictures sharing between PC and Windows Phone. The third one shows an application for shared experience of taking pictures between two Windows Phone devices.

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