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What’s NFC?

NFC is a technology that connects you to what’s near.

The meaning of the acronym NFC (Near Field Communication) gives us a clue on how this technology works. Tap two devices (or an object) with NFC capabilities, and they'll strike up a 'conversation’. After that, it’s possible for the phones to exchange pictures, learn more about a product, perform payments, play a game together, and interact with what’s near to you only by a single touch.

The range of things that can be done by NFC is broad and full of possibilities.

Concerning devices, it's becoming increasingly easier to find NFC on smartphones, tablets and computers. What’s more exciting is that any object can benefit from the technology through NFC tags.

There's a lot of expectations on this technology. Some use cases are known, others already implemented. Others, such as payment, are coming through the large market players. Nonetheless, NFC's potential is not clear enough for the developers’ community.

It’s possible that, once it’s understood what makes NFC relevant, the possibilities of use and the knowledge of the Proximity API facilities, NFC may be able to help us create new experiences or improve experiences; and it may change the way we interact with the physical world.

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