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What’s NFC story?

NFC (Near Field Communication) concept was created based on RFID technology, patented in 1983 by Charles Walton. RFID allowed the data exchange between devices through radio frequency without the need for an authentication. The main difference between NFC and RFID is the working distance: RFID is able to read information at long distances, while NFC, as evidenced by its own name, needs to be near the reader.

In 2004, Nokia, Phillips, and Sony created NFC Forum, which would be in charge of developing standards for the technology. As a result of this union of companies, several specifications, tags types and standards have been created, which must be followed during the development. NDEF is one of these standards that we are going to use in our development.

In 2006, NFC tags were created and the publicity created tools, such as smart posters, menus, and other elements incorporating an embedded passive NFC tag. In this same year, Nokia launched the mobile phone 6131, which turned out to be the first mobile phone to support NFC, being regarded at the time as a great revolution; and large companies such as Citibank in the USA started testing payments via NFC for Cingular Wireless (currently AT&T) customers. In Germany, companies like RMV started selling train and subway tickets through this technology.

In 2010, the first Android telephones appeared with NFC support; and in 2011, Google demonstrated NFC for games, telephone contacts sharing and internet links. At this very time, Nokia launched the devices Symbian Anna and Meego, supporting NFC technology.

Finally, in February 2012 Lumia 610 was launched at Mobile World Congress, first Windows Phone with NFC, for integrating mobile payments by the English operator Orange. This mobile has been homologated by Visa and MasterCard for performance of wireless payments. Since then, this technology has been evolving and new ways of using it are appearing.

Since 2012, Nokia widely supports the adoption of NFC in its Lumia smartphone range.

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