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‘NFC First Steps' is an initiative to promote the adoption of NFC technology.

In this project we share teaching and practical content with the objective to clarify the potential of the technology and thus to stimulate the development of NFC experiences.







Explore, discover and try for yoursef

Most of the discussions about NFC is related to mobile payment. However, the technology, if well explored, shows a wide range of application possibilities that coud become part of various aspects of our daily lives in a near future.

'NFC First Steps' is an initiative of Nokia Institute of Technology to propose a new way of thinking about NFC.

In order to help the exploration and understanding of the technology, we share here some knowledge obtained during the development of projects with NFC, common questions, innovative use cases and useful code snippets. Explore!



What is NFC?
A brief introduction to the technology.

What can I do with NFC?
Use cases and opportunities.

What is NFC tag?
What is it, the different models and how to make the best choice.

What is the maximum distance to use NFC?
The proximity is the differential of NFC.

What is the history of NFC?
A brief history of the technology.

Which devices have NFC?
A list of the main NFC devices.

What makes NFC relevant?
Understand the aspects that make this technology unique.



What is NDEF?
The most used format for writing and reading tags.



What is the relation between Bluetooth and NFC?
Understand how Bluetooth complements NFC.

What are the advantages of using NFC in relation to QR code and NearBytes?
A comparison between NFC and other proximity technologies.



What do I need to develop with NFC?
The basic configuration for starters.

How to write an NFC tag?
A mini-tutorial to read and write on a tag.

Where do I find code examples of NFC apps?
The main sources of references on the subject.

When creating connections through NFC, how to choose sending method, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
See how to use the Proximity API to configure the sending method.

What is Proximity API?
API to facilitate development with NFC.



How to have an idea for an NFC solution?
A step-by-step to new ideas.

How to provide a good NFC experience to the user?
Points of attention in NFC user experience.





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